Qué pasó con la 1 Republica?

Lia M - March 23 2017, 9:05 AM

Dear Mr. Prsident Jovenel of La Republica de Haiti, I am not Haitian born but there is something that brings me close to the people and the country of Haiti.

I have traveled to Haiti for carnavalfor the past 10 years.

You guys have such a beautiful country n cultura.

I am Adkin that big Y. Y in this day and age (Haiti la perla de las Antillas)is now still the poorest country in the WORLD! when are you official going to take and respect lives seriously and not think only of yourselves and your wealth when you are in positions that can make positive changes for the people and your country.

I am asking you to please do the right thing for your beautiful country and people (the human beines) you chose to do this. So please be concious of your actions in life. Remember always where you came from. Thank you!

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