The Protests are about more than gas prices in Haiti

Tillie Wells - July 10 2018, 1:38 PM

My husband is Haitian and I have in laws who live there.

I live in the United States as well as my Haitian husband.

There should be NO corruption allowing Caucasian influence in Haiti.

You have the power to show the world how to bounce back. I know people who can help Haiti.

Haiti does not need ouside influence.

There does not need to be no outsiders in that country reaping benefits of natural benefits except Haiti Natives.

Shameful if corruption still goes on and money and power is placed above the people.

There is no reason Haiti should still be the poorest.

It is an embarrassment that you are the first Black Republic and the poorest.

There are pepple willing to help, but why is the United Nations occupying the country?


Then there is no national news coverage regarding the protests in Haiti.

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