What d'ya think of Prez. Jovenel Moise?

Alexa - July 28 2018, 5:09 PM

I think he is doing his best to continue pushing Haiti forward.

Progress anywhere comes at a slow pace.
If like for Prez Paul Kagame, the country was United behind him, that would buouy him up. The not-haves however, are impatient and want miracles overnight; the intellectuals open their mouths in negative comments, the former senators, representatives who now have no pay, no jobs are afraid they will run out of cash before the next elections, spend their time being bitter critics,- politicians who want to make a career out of a seat in Parliament - and the wicked media that push the populace to devastation and murder are to blame for setting poor Haiti back. We will not forget the foreign loan sharks and international financial institutions that only think of their own money interests.

Those are all the odds President Jovenel has to contend with. He is still trying his best.

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