Time to regulate NGO activities in Haiti

Loyd - November 10 2018, 10:46 AM

These so-called organizations that are there to help alleviate poverty are the #1 problem of Haiti.

these predators are begging on behalf of our country, they got rich, share less than 20% of the donation that they receive from hard working people around the world.

Our people learn from them, create religious organizations to beg and pocket the donations that collect.

We need to have an agency that goes after the foreigners that are living illegally in Haiti.

We need people to immigrate to Haiti to help with education, engineering etc they need to have a skill in order to contribute at the development of our country.

Haiti has enough beggars we don't need NGOS, arrest them, take the money that they collected on our behalf and kick them out. Bring in famers, doctors, engineers, machinists, electronicians etc

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