haiti victim of state crime/ terrorism by the u.s government

Justice For Haiti - July 20 2022, 8:39 PM

It is with this word that we are filing an international federal lawsuit before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in hague, the highest international tribunal in the world over the assassination of the Haitian president on July 7, 2021 done by a group of 26 heavily-armed terrorists.

icj-cij.org/en For proper investigation and trial of all accomplices we are putting under arrest the President's Cabinet, Presidential Security, the government opposition leaders, and we demand the removal of the immunity of all foreign presidents and diplomats involved in this conspiracy to be on trial before the International Court of Justice, because Haiti is a victim of terrorism and an international plot organized by countries of the UN and the European Union.

We also demand a deep investigation on Immigration Control Agents who let those terrorists get so easily in our country to commit this state crime by assassinating the Haitian president, which is an act of war. The world knows we are the children of 1804, they are jealous and want to eliminate the nation, they have violated national sovereignty many times, and this time they go too far by murdering the president, so now we revolt.

We are taking legal action against these foreign countries until justice is done. Their embassies in our country are threats to national security such espionage and terrorism that led to the assassination of the president a serious violation of our national security.

This crime against Haiti has awakened us! And today we are once again than ever strongly united to get Justice for Haiti through the International Criminal Court (ICC) who can resolve the president's death case and make all other foreign countries involved in this serious international federal hate crime against Haiti pay for what they have done, and also without forgetting including the debt of 28 billion US dollars that France owed to Haiti, as we know of the Independence Debt.

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