Haiti Lagonave Project - President Jovenel Moise look over the Lagonave Project, do not Procrastinate

Gerald Jeanpierre - March 11 2017, 12:58 PM

Mr. President please look over the Lagonave Project and please do not Procrastinate, do not make the same mistake the Duvalier did with the Car Manufacturer in the 70s' where the business went to the Dominican Republic, If the Haitian Government don't act soon and approve this Project we going to lose it to the Dominican Republic.

We should have some incentive that Benefit the Country and the Haitian people in a long terms period with no Loop hole and surprise accord in the Future.

The workforce should be trained from lowest to the highest lever, School and Hospital should be build, workers should have medical insurance.

Haitian Citizen should have right to be shareholder of the Project, student should received boost to go study abroad.

The second Request I like Stephani Villedrouin to retake her Job as the TOURISM MINISTRY, She did a superb job Under President Martelly, although she started as a low lever experience she excel in her ability to learn.

This is the type of people you want around you, those who want to learn, she work more than eight hours a day, she's a very smart young lady, you need lot of Female in your Administration.

Thank you for the opportunity to write to you, I hope you receive and read it with favorable respond.

GOD Bless You and family.

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