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Haitian president Jovenel Moise, acompanied by interim prime minister Jean Michel Lapin came out to oversea the... more »
Topic, 02/22/20 5:17 PM
President Jovenel Moise spoke to the police in Cap Haitian and reassured them that things will get better. President... more »
Topic, 02/21/20 6:46 PM
Haitian president Jovenel Moise and prime minister Jean Michel Lapin attended Carnaval festivities in the city of... more »
Topic, 02/17/20 4:42 PM
Hello Jovenel Moïse! I wanted to have a conversation with you about the tragic issues of global warming and I really care so much about this... more »
Jazarah Berry, 02/14/20 10:46 PM
La nécessité d'un Port à Jean Rabel et la construction d'un tronçon menant aux côtes maritimes. Donc nous demandons... more »
Donald Roche, 02/09/20 11:27 AM
Dear President Jovenel Moise, We in the American diaspora would like to thank you for your dedication and resilience despite the obstacles that you... more »
J Ciceron, 01/14/20 12:16 PM
On January 07, 2020, Haitian President Jovenel Moise had a meeting with Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the... more »
Topic, 01/08/20 1:15 PM
Servers are open for almost a year and there have been many ransomes from people coming from your island and they are still open and officers who... more »
New Jersey Central, 12/27/19 2:12 PM
Monsieur le president, Je profite de l'occasion pour vous féliciter de l'énorme effort que vous déployez pour amener le pays sur la... more »
Emerson, 12/26/19 12:03 PM
President Jovenel Moise resevwa Kominote yo nan pale national pou resevwa doléance yo President Jovenel Moise... more »
Topic, 12/26/19 7:10 AM