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Let's talk about Haiti President Jovenel Moise and his administration, read what Haitians are saying about President Jovenel Moise, stay up-to-date with what is happening inside the Jovenel Moise administration. If you have any comments and suggestions for the Jovenel Moise Administration post it here.

Dear Mr. Prsident Jovenel of La Republica de Haiti, I am not Haitian born but there is something that brings me close to the people and the country... more »
Lia M, 03/23/17 9:05 AM
Voici la liste des membres du cabinet de Jovenel Moise et de Jack Guy Lafontant: Aviol Fleurant, Ministre de la Planification et de la Cooperation... more »
Jovenel News, 03/22/17 7:03 PM
Voici l'horaire des Cérémonies d'installation des Membres du Gouvernement Jovenel Moise/ Jack Guy Lafontant. 8h00 AM Installation du... more »
Jovenel News, 03/22/17 8:56 AM
You done a great job so handling the country. Please surround yourself of competent advisors and be yourself and take responsibility of your... more »
Daniel, 03/22/17 7:20 AM
Mwen byen kontan ke ni chanm senat ni chanm depute aprouve premier minis ou voye a president Jovenel. se ou ki chwazi premier minis ou, konye a fem... more »
Nixon, 03/21/17 5:46 PM
Journaliste Lilianne Pierre Paul Radio Kiskeya gen yon nouvo non pou President Jovenel Moise: Tet Kale Bis more »
Wilfrid, 03/21/17 4:15 PM
Peyi d'Haiti jodia gen yon nouvo Premier Ministre, konye a se Administration Jovenel-Lafontant Nou la, nap tann ki sa gouvernment Jack Guy Lafontant... more »
Ti Roro, 03/21/17 2:16 PM
Mr Moise we the Haitian people in the 10th department wants to know your plan for the poor peoples in the county as a business man and the president... more »
Office Ipcts Canel, 03/20/17 11:17 PM
Port-au-Prince, samedi 18 Mars 2017 : President Jovenel Moise, accompagné du Président de l'Assemblée Nationale, le Sénateur... more »
Jovenel News, 03/20/17 6:51 AM
Haiti - President Jovenel Moise a donné de grands cadeaux pour faire passer son Premier ministre. Sur les 18 postes ministériels et les... more »
Jovenel News, 03/17/17 8:51 AM