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Let's talk about Haiti President Jovenel Moise and his administration, read what Haitians are saying about President Jovenel Moise, stay up-to-date with what is happening inside the Jovenel Moise administration. If you have any comments and suggestions for the Jovenel Moise Administration post it here.

Je suis le Pasteur Jean-Caroll Bernadin de l'Eglise Baptiste Philadelphie d'Orlando - Je remercie sincèrement le Seigneur pour ton ascension a... more »
Pasteur Jean-caroll Berna, 01/05/17 12:38 PM
Jobs, jobs and jobs... build the economy up in this beautiful nation more »
Ruben O, 01/04/17 9:07 PM
Dear President Jovenel Moise, I would like you to continue the agriculture forehead and the education those two things are very good for Haiti and... more »
Jeangary, 12/04/16 1:40 PM
Prezidan Jovenel, sete avek anpil pasyans mw te rete devan radio poum tap tan nouvel rezilta eleksyon yo malgre mw te deja tre sur de yo paskem te... more »
Mary Charles, 12/01/16 11:28 AM
Excuse me que me comunique en español para usted, pero es mi lengua materna y puedo expresarme mejor. Ciudadano Presidente, no permita que le... more »
Rafael Ravelo, 12/01/16 9:53 AM
Dear President Jovenel Moise, Hayiti chérie does not lack intelligence of its people and resources of its soil So a president has the... more »
Herman, 12/01/16 4:06 AM
JUST "create 7 million jobs in Haiti in one year only in agricultural sector & pay each worker $50.00 US per week". JUST 7 million... more »
Homero, 11/30/16 11:06 PM
Mr. Le President Jovenel Moise, sa nou ta renmen pou Haiti cherie nou ns se yon system decentralization ki pou fe peyi a avance pou li ka soti kote... more »
Jean, 11/30/16 7:08 PM
Dear President Jovenel Moise, Mw felicitew pou bel kanpay w te fe Kote w te trete Tout adverses w yo avek respect jamais yon jou w te manke di yon... more »
Fritz Dolcine, 11/30/16 5:04 PM
Dear President Jovenel Moise, First of may the Lord give you the strength, the tenacity and the wisdom to lead this suffering country. I hope you... more »
Smith, 11/30/16 3:40 PM