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On Thursday November 28, 2019, President Jovenel Moise launched the program of financing for 49 agricultural... more »
Topic, 12/01/19 7:17 PM
Here is a photo US Ambassadors Kelly Craft and Michelle Sisson in a meeting with Haiti President Jovenel Moise, what... more »
Topic, 11/21/19 10:57 PM
On November 20, 2019, United States Ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft met with Haiti president Jovenel... more »
Topic, 11/21/19 10:35 PM
On Thursday, November 21, 2019, President Jovenel Moise handed over checks to 92 young entrepreneurs from the... more »
Topic, 11/21/19 10:15 PM
Bonjou son Excelans Presidan Jovenel Moise mem le m pa jam fanatik chef, fok mwen felisite w pou travay u ak kouraj nan tet peyi Hayti. Sa fe plis... more »
Gregoire B, 11/15/19 11:25 AM
President Jovenel Moise: I salute you, Mr. President, for a job well-done so far. You have busted and entered a bottle of worms that for years has... more »
Robert, 11/11/19 10:35 PM
President you should have some of you people or you given press conference more often the people are listening to the opposition cause your not... more »
Peter, 11/06/19 6:13 AM
Prezidan Moize gin gnou plan ki ta bay gro rézilta pi louin,min yo bloke li malerezeman. Haiti more »
Saintilaire, 11/05/19 11:01 AM
Que Le Dieu créateur du ciel, créateur du genre humain, créateur du peuple Haitien,te donne là force qu'il faut, pour mener... more »
Saintilaire, 11/05/19 10:51 AM
Gade video sa a... President Jovenel Moise pale peyi nan yon interview li bay Tele Metropole jounen 28 Octobre 2019 la... more »
Topic, 10/29/19 6:26 AM