Anna Carter

Anna Carter - March 8 2019, 1:00 PM

I need to offer you business, right now, from Global Trade in America.

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Anna Marie Carter
USA Certified Organic Supplier, Organic Trade Association - 10 years - POTUS Export Initiative - Washington, DC.

Owner of Reginald F. Lewis's Beatrice Foods Company/Cuppedia Corpiration, USA.

I just returned from the buyers meets at NPE West.
I have fresh purchase orders for your organic crops, but I insist they be semi-manufactured in Haiti.

I am from Watts, California.

Contact me immediately to begin negotiations.

annacarterstheseedladymne [at]
theseedlady [at]
acarter [at]

Private Cell - 1 213 999-4974

Also, Offering you Net 180 for my "California Style"Products - EXIM, Wells Fargo, Chase.

Contact me, ASAP!

Thank you, Mr. President!

Anna Carter

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