Project proposal

Lapommeray P Raymond - September 15 2019, 1:41 PM

National Palace
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Dear Mr. President Jovnel Moïse,

It is a privilege to offer our congratulations on the work you have done in our community!
we are profoundly grateful for your devotion to honor young talented individuals.

We are also grateful that you have acknowledged that the youth of today are the future of tomorrow.

Thank you!
We would like to properly introduce ourselves, we are a young couple that strives to make a difference in our community by creating ways for others to see the beauty of our country.

We are writing this letter proposing a project that will bring more job opportunities, educational projects for students and tourist attractions.

We have noticed that In our country a form of amusement is going to the beach or attending an annual carnival; meanwhile, in other countries, they have more forms of entertainment.

Seeing all this made us think of creating something similar in our country.

Creating such amusement would not only attract more tourist but bring job opportunities for our citizens, That would also attract local citizens to come and visit.

According to ( the top 20 popular amusement parks in the United States; Which in 2017 was the number one most visited amusement park called the Magic Kingdom located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida had 20,450,000 visitors.

It has 70,000 employees working.

This quick research shows how an amusement park brings a lot of tourist attractions and job opportunities for the community.

Our project is to build an amusement park that features arcade games, water slides, a zoo, hotels, restaurants, a movie theater, a mall, etc. it would be located In between Ouanaminthe, and Cap Haitien.

Through close research, we found that the northern part of Haiti would be the best place to have such an attraction.

The only thing holding this project from launching is an investment, In which we are asking you our dear president is to help us bring this project to life. It will provide a lot of job opportunities for citizens and more tourist attractions.

Thank you for taking the time out to read our project proposal.

We are eager to hear from you.

Best Regards,
Lapommeray P. Raymond & Paulemise Anicette

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