Major Film On Toussaint Louverture and The Haitian Revolution

Frantz T Excellent - February 4 2021, 7:32 PM

Good evening Mr. President Jovenel:

Thanks to you and your leadership, I feel like a proud son of Haiti all over again.

My name is Frantz Tobie Excellent.

I am a filmmaker in Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I watch and observe everything from your online broadcasts.

I think you deserve a lot more respect and cooperation for all the hard work you are doing for the less than four million people on the tiny nation of Haiti.

I see your efforts, sir. I applaud you loudly and strongly.

I thank you for showing us, the diaspora, what a true leader is supposed to be. Your legacy is secured, sir.

I am writing because I wanted to send a proposal for a major film project I am writing on Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian Revolution.

This is going to be a big project.

I would hope when I am finished with it, I would like to turn it over to the Haitian people so that they can own their OWN story--their OWN legacy.

I would like to know how may I submit my request for the support of the Haitian Government to assist me in this effort.

I am available anytime for your response.

Thank you and may you continue to be a source of strength, leadership to a nation that needs guidance and direction.


Frantz T. Excellent
f.excellent [at]

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