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Hello Mr. President, my name is W.D and I would like to know hw can I apply for a loan to build a business in Haiti to provide jobs in the town I... more »
Will D, 06/10/20 2:42 PM
Dear President Moïse, I am working with VantageRx, a United States distributor of COVID-19 Antibody Tests. During this pandemic, antibody... more »
Sean Mangiaracina, 04/28/20 5:22 PM
Slt Mr. Prezidan. Mwen rele Jean Felix Moise, Pitit Paris Moise ( Ansyen Depite 45em Lejislati pou Cotes-de-Fer) Komin lakay mwen Mr. Prezidan... more »
Jean Felix Moise, 04/21/20 6:22 PM
He has a lot more work to do.. The country is not heading in the right direction.. I will pray for him so God can help him to heal a broken nation... more »
Veny, 04/17/20 2:24 AM
Monsieur le Président, Je vous felicite pour tout le bon travail que vous accomplissez. Merci d'ouvrir l'aéroport de Port au Prince. Je... more »
Gina Puzo, 03/30/20 7:49 PM
President Jovenel Moise, I am an American citizen and have a suggestion for the the Haitian economy. With the COVID19 from China, US industries will... more »
Rick Mckinley, 03/20/20 1:02 PM
I have the program that call Haitivision that will mobilized the country and teachable and every sector and created jobs and much more. I run the... more »
Herve Dalencourt, 03/19/20 6:48 AM
Here is a photo of haitian president Jovenel Moise and his new prime minister Joseph Jouthe during the installation... more »
Topic, 03/06/20 9:23 AM
Hello - My name is Ryan, I am 14 years old, and I live in Miami, Florida. I hope to send President Jovenel Moise a letter. I was hoping you could... more »
Ryan, 02/24/20 9:54 PM
President Jovenel Moise spoke to a group of UDMO police officers in Cap Haitian and reassured them that things will... more »
Topic, 02/23/20 6:30 PM