Tocsin "EWWWW" Pierre

Edwina Borno - August 7 2019, 12:21 AM

I have hated the entire Tocsin Pierre clan since day 1. He and like-minded others believe it is okay to constantly attempt to steal my passwords and engage in criminal activity under my name. This includes a host of other aggressional acts. They need to keep my name out of their mouth.

It needs to stop. I refuse to be harassed by him or his insult of a child Crystal Pierre.

There is absolutely in no way shape or form a relationship between him and I. He needs to be made aware of this because ignoring him does not work. The person in reference can be found at the following address.

Tocsin Pierre
9 Bayview Ave
Norwalk, CT 06850
My email address is eborno [at]

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