Reflect on your first speeches

Carl Hatley Balde - January 28 2019, 1:18 PM

I great you.

Do you think there is a humble governor in this world?

Let's not talk about Haiti cause we will not find one in your administration.

Do you think you are going to achieve your presidency calendar with 50% achievement of what you promised to our population (local and International haitian)?

Do you think there is a leader in each department or in each city who is trying hard to keep the area in peace and in health?

Look at Croix-des-Bouquets, my home actually.

Do you think your presidency calendar has a purpose with this town?

Look at some other areas of Port-au-Prince, the capital city of our country.

Do you think that city worths more the countrysides?

In fact, no. Not only my advice, but in accordance of many.

Do you think you are actually spending a good cursus in your pathlife?

Do you think you are doing a great Job?

Did you pay attention to the letter Fre Gabe sent you over his music?

Sorry if I ask too much questions, but I may know where my act of vote stands.

I thank you for your courage to get into this battlefield.

You are the one that everybody had chosen in the beginning.

You are not their choice right now. You are still here because of a law. But we are the law in the real life, cause we admit that you stand in this position.

Not to lie, but to prove that you are not a liar.

All our ancient governor lied to Haitian people.

We are your accomplice because we knew and doubted that you'd do the same as the ancient.

A liar is not a good person, you know that. And Justice never stands for liars.

Continue acting while being blind.

Even if you discard my message, NATURE never let guilty people escape away.

Have a great Day Mr. President.


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