Do you really human

Haiti Loveer - February 15 2019, 1:28 AM

Mr. President do you really understand what is going on in Haiti?

You are the president of this country.

People are dying they need you.are you human?

Do you have feelings?

They need to hear you say you understand them?

Do you understand the blood that's shading on the streets, Mr. President if it was your daughters are you Son's would you sleep knowing someone just killed your child.

How did you sleep at night, did you?

Have you ever read the Bible?

Blood is life, life is Jesus.

In judgment day what are you going to say when Jesus asks you what did you do when my people were dieing of hangers as a president?

How much money are you going to take with you to hell?

You as someone who's been a mechanic, lived a very hard life in Haiti you should know Not only understanding, but to also give and help is a gift from God. Do you think whoever is paying you to let these people perish is worth it. someone is killing them because they just looking for piece, they looking for food, they looking for a better life, people are dying they need you to be a human.

They need to hear you say you feel them you understand, the wind will blowing your way some day what are you going to say Mr. President?

if it was your daughters are your sons what will you do?

Do have a heart or blood in your body?

If you already sells the rice that China gave you, its okay, just stop the killing please Lord Jesus is watching.

bigger futur.

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