Bravo Mr President! Don't give up!

J Ciceron - January 14 2020, 12:16 PM

Dear President Jovenel Moise,

We in the American diaspora would like to thank you for your dedication and resilience despite the obstacles that you faced for the past few months.

The fight is not easy, but you CANNOT give up. Freedom is our religion.

Justice and Resistance are in all Haitian bloods.

Through God's blessing, the youths' energies and the elders' wisdom, you will overcome, and you will triumph.

To combat these maleficent destroyers of the reputation of Haiti and of your government administration, you must strengthen your police forces by land, and by sea to enforce securities in the nation.

As you can see, the kidnapping scenarios resume and setting fire in public places are damaging to your administration.

You should make a media call that you are hiring police officers by calling young men to enroll in the police force.

You will finance this through tourism funds.

For example, the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Tourism can negotiate with international cruise ship companies to have beach resort destinations similar to Labadee in other places in the country such as La Gonave, Ile-a-Vache, Ile De La Tortue and Ile Cayemites.

Since these Islands are not part of the mainland, there will be more secured; you would also ensure that these areas are very secured.

This would be a quick way to raise money for the country.

The Caribbean is a prime destination during the wintertime for Americans, Canadians and Europeans.

Due to the cold weather in the wintertime, they would prefer to be in the islands.

Once the security has been enforced throughout the nation, you may extend these offers in the mainland such as Petit-Goave, Leogane, and anywhere there are nice coastal beaches in the country.

For your plans to build roads throughout the nation, you can work with car manufacturers, train manufacturers to give them exclusivity for a short period of time as long as they would help with financing some of the road building projects in the nations.

In addition, they would have to provide or hire at least 97% of local Haitians in order to have that exclusivity.

These car/train manufacturers would agree since Haiti is a perfect location to manufacture as opposed to China.

In addition, Haitians learn quick and work hard. If you can do the same with the Airlines industry, that would help finance the airports in the country.

Once these exclusive contracts expire, the government can decide to renew or not renew them. Whether the contracts are renewed or not, the roads and the airports would remain in the country since they cannot move with them when they leave the country.

Lastly, we also applaud you for your plan to rebuild the Haitian National Palace.

We are in the diaspora think that in the National Palace, we should have a private area commemorating our freedom martyrs such as Jean Jacques Dessalines, Toussaint L'Ouverture, Boukman, Capois La Mort and Henry Christophe.

These monuments would serve as a reminder on the principles for which we achieve our freedom.

So, each time, the Executive branch, the Legislative branch and the Judiciary branch walk these monuments before attending their meetings, they would be reminded of our heroes and our principles.

Our Emperor Jean Jacques Dessalines' visions for Haiti should be engraved in these monuments.

We thank you for your resilience which symbolizes our strengths.

Do Not Give Up! Through expert business negotiating skills, you will obtain the funds needed in order to strengthen your administration economically.

More Money, More Power.

You cannot fix everything all at once but step by step through progress, you will succeed.

Speak only what you need to speak while not revealing too much information to the public because the enemies are listening.

We in the diaspora will stand behind you 100% if we see that you are making progress.

God Bless You and your Administration and God Bless Haiti.

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