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Monsieur le president, Je profite de l'occasion pour vous féliciter de l'énorme effort que vous déployez pour amener le pays sur la... more »
Emerson, 12/26/19 12:03 PM
President Jovenel Moise resevwa Kominote yo nan pale national pou resevwa doléance yo President Jovenel Moise... more »
Topic, 12/26/19 7:10 AM
President Jovenel Moise addressed members of the population from the most vulnerable areas of the metropolitan area... more »
Topic, 12/26/19 7:09 AM
Here we can see Haiti President Jovenel Moise walking inside the Varreux power power station that used to be run by... more »
Topic, 12/16/19 3:35 PM
President Jovenel Moise seen walking around Varreux power plant Haiti, recently under the control of the... more »
Topic, 12/16/19 12:31 PM
Here is a photograph of the president Jovenel Moise and his entourage walking around at the Varreux power station... more »
Topic, 12/16/19 12:20 PM
On Monday December 16, 2019, Haitian president Jovenel Moise visited one of the Varreux power stations that used to... more »
Topic, 12/16/19 12:10 PM
Gade video sa a... Prezidan Jovenel Moise ak Madanm li, permiere dame Martine Moise, voye yon mesaj bay nasyon... more »
Topic, 12/14/19 5:59 AM
Haitian President Jovenel Moise and his wife Martine Moise sent a special message of unity to the people of Haiti... more »
Topic, 12/14/19 5:40 AM
President Jovenel Moise promises a legitimate government by the end of 2019 and renews his commitment to fight the... more »
Topic, 12/10/19 9:39 PM