President Jovenel Moise, What is your plan for the poor people of Haiti as a business man and as president?

Office Ipcts Canel - March 20 2017, 11:17 PM

Mr Moise we the Haitian people in the 10th department wants to know your plan for the poor peoples in the county as a business man and the president of the country.

The poverty is outrageous healthcare is horrible we need hospitals, schools are terrible.

We want to help and we need to know how can provide our service to the country.

I can assist with healthcare and creating jobs for the poor. How?

by bringing companies in the country and help with better the school systems.

Also to help vendors in the street and the open market a more healthy and environment the living conditions in haiti are very poor and unhealthy.

Mr president has a countryman and someone who came from the masses people.

We're hoping that you will make the difference.

The people voted you to support them please don't disappointed them. They're hungry, dirty, sick, broken they need your help. Make the difference to the people and to the people.

As the banana man the country is in life support critical condition.

The country needs our support hopefully you'll allowed the jasporas assistant

It extremely

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